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Top Five List – Prenatal

jan 19

Good morning everyone!

I was looking at my list trying to decide what to share next when I centered in on my top ten list for 0-3 months.  I’ve decided that first I will share my top five list for prenatal.  I didn’t go out of my way to purchase a lot for this time as I didn’t get incredibly big.  I found by the end my stomach felt tight and I could feel that Baby K was really squished, which I think was a huge factor in going into labour 11 days before my due date.  I like to think that Baby K decided that enough was enough and that he was tired of not having any room.  My boy liked to move.

It’s hard to explain how I really felt about my weight gain as it wasn’t till late in my pregnancy that it became really obvious that I was pregnant.  I remember a coworker asking to see my belly when I returned to work in the spring (as I work seasonally) and I was already 5 months along by then and i proudly showed off my bump and her immediate reaction was that I didn’t look that pregnant, or something along those lines.  It made me feel sad when I heard her response because I had this tiny voice telling me during my pregnancy that I wasn’t gaining enough weight so Baby K must not be gaining enough.  I was feeling very nauseous at the beginning of my pregnancy that I actually lost weight, not a huge amount, something like 5-7 lbs.  I think when I finished my pregnancy I had gained 12 lbs from my starting weight.

Prenatal pillows were also a common item I used daily but the majority of pregnant women take some form of prenatal supplement, which is why I did not include them as part of my list.

Getting on with my list:

1. My Favourite Jeans

As I mentioned above, I didn’t have a huge weight gain so my jeans, which were a size too big to start with actually still fit me and they weren’t uncomfortable so I still wore them regularly.  My jeans are like a security blanket and they always helped me feel better about myself.  While I feeling out of my depth with my first baby belly, and my centre of balance has changed, it was nice to be able to wear my jeans.

2. Long Tank Tops

These were great once my regular shirts became too short to go right down to my pants.  I would wear them by themselves on hot days or under another t-shirt to fill in the gap between the bottom of my shirt and the top of my pants.  They were stretchy so they grew with my belly and they are grew now for breastfeeding because I can pull the top down to feed my baby.  If I’m going out in public and anticipating feeding my baby, I wear another shirt over top so I’m keeping myself covered.

3. Diclectin

This is an anti-nausea pill.  I mentioned above that I lost weight at the beginning of my pregnancy and that was because of nausea coupled with food aversion.  I banned some foods from being prepared/consumed in the house during my pregnancy because the mere smell of them would send me flying to the bathroom to throw up.  I was scared to take it in the beginning because of something that the pharmacist said when I picked it up but once I talked to other health professionals I felt comfortable again and started taking it.  I would take it before I went to bed at night, then again in the morning which I found was enough in the beginning.  I found I could eat again and finally started to gain weight.  By the end of my pregnancy, I would just take it before I went to bed at night and that was enough because my nausea occurred in the morning when I first got up 99% of the time.  I had this my whole pregnancy.  Most pregnant women have this stop between 12-16 weeks though.  I was bummed that I wasn’t one of these women.

4. Extra Pillow

I felt discomfort in my hips as my pregnancy progressed.  I believe it’s due to the hips widening to be able to accommodate birth.  Using an extra pillow to put between my legs while I slept on my side helped alleviate the discomfort.  I would wake up often to readjust, which is probably why there is a pregnancy pillow on the market.  I didn’t feel the need to get a specific pillow for this as we always have lots of pillows lying around the house.  I was flipping around so often during the night that having a regular sized pillow was easier to hold in place as I moved around.

5. Datebook

Why would I need a separate datebook from the calendar on my phone?  Because I can see more information at once.  I had so many appointments with my OB by the end of my pregnancy on top of work and other obligations its was helpful to be able to just open my datebook and be able to see all of the information at once.  The calendar on my phone was nice for the reminders as the days drew closer.

There you have it.  My top five list for my pregnancy.

What was your favourite item during your pregnancy?  Let me know in the comments!

Till next time!



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What I Packed for the Hospital

january 16 header

“What do I need to pack for the hospital?” was a common question I heard pregnant mothers ask when they come up towards the end of their pregnancy.

Chances are, if you check out your hospitals’ website, it will have a list of what to bring for new moms, dads, and babies.  I delivered at Mount Sinai in Toronto and their website had this checklist.

I’m just going to say that I wasn’t completely packed to go to the hospital when I went into labour.  Baby K decided to grace the world with his presence 11 days before his due date.  I was mostly packed but was missing a few important items that were definitely missed such as:

  • Clothes for HubBee
  • Newborn diapers and wipes
  • Clothes to go home in (or better clothes than what I had)
  • Pre-installed car seat
  • A better bag to have everything packed in

I’m sure as I go on I will think of other items.  But first I will explain these first five points.

Clothes for HubBee

All I had packed for him was pyjama pants.  I can’t remember if I packed extra boxers for him or not.  Regardless, he missed having an extra shirt.

Newborn Diapers and Wipes

I’m not sure if this is all hospitals, but sometime in the few couple years they stopped supplying the “tons of freebies” I’ve heard other mothers say they packed from their little port-a-crib’s cabinet.  I’ve mentioned this before, but I was given a doggie bag with a couple massive pads, a couple of diapers, some dried up wipes and sample sized Johnson & Johnson baby products.  The diapers lasted us till the pharmacy opened downstairs and HubBee went to get more.

The checklist told us to bring 20 newborn sized diapers and wipes.  Funny story about this though.  As we had decided to cloth diaper, I had applied for the Huggies freebie that would send a pack of newborn diapers and a sample pack of wipes.  I didn’t bother purchasing any and I was just going to throw these freebies into my bag once they arrived.  (As for the funny part, this pack didn’t arrive until September, and by then we had starting using size 1 diapers and we were getting into the cloth diapers full-time.)

Clothes to go home in (or better clothes than what I had)

I thought to save space when packing, that I would wear the same outfit home.  It wasn’t a bad idea as I only wore it for a few hours total that weekend.  My issue was now this massive pad I was wearing that bulked up my butt.  Yes, I was wearing skinny, pregnancy yoga pants.

Next time, I think I’ll try to wear my baggy sweat pants to the hospital, or try to remember to pack them at least.  I felt yucky enough walking out the hospital that I shouldn’t have had to worry about whether or not people could see my massive pad bulge through my pants.  This is just a personal thing and I kept saying to myself “I just had a baby, I don’t need to care about what other people think.”

Pre-installed Car seat

I didn’t want to install the car seat too early because I had fears that some other dumb driver would hit us and void the car seat before Baby K was even here.  My grand plan was that HubBee and I (but mostly HubBee) would install the carseat during the long weekend in August.  Obviously that didn’t happen.  The carseat needed to be installed while the car was on a flat surface and so HubBee ran into the issue of trying to install the carseat on an angle in the parking garage while I sat in the hospital with our newborn.

I don’t know when would’ve been a better time to install the car seat.  Maybe at the three weeks remaining mark as that’s when I started doing the “come out now, baby” dance.  Next time I should probably make sure it’s installed earlier.

A better bag to have everything packed in

We used a hard cased rolling bag for the hospital.  While I like that it rolled, I didn’t like that it wasn’t convenient to get stuff out of the bag.  As we were in a shared room, we had our curtained area that didn’t leave us a lot of floor space.  It would have been nice to just have a duffel bag that opened wide at the top that way it could just stay on the floor.

The Checklist

Remember the checklist I mentioned above?  I’m going to talk about that now.  I liked Mount Sinai’s checklist because it was actually something that you could check off points as you completed them.  It also had other things to think about that you may not have thought about before.

There’s the obvious things: health card, birth plan (if you have one), clothes, toiletries, hair brush, phone charger, credit card (if you want the private or semi-private room), baby clothes, etc.

There’s not so obvious things: nursing pillow, personal pillow WITH a colourful pillow case, handheld fan, snacks, water shoes, bath mat (for a water birth), pens and paper, labour support items, watch with the second-hand, and extra receiving blankets to help stabilize baby in the car seat.

And then there’s the things that other parents tell you to swipe from the hospital, but they don’t really supply you with anymore, such as: diapers, wipes, and maxi pads.

Something that wasn’t on the checklist that I’m glad I brought was my iPad.  We were able to tap into the free WiFi at the hospital and we watched movies and TV shows on it all day on the Friday that we just sat in the hospital doing nothing.  We also had an extra long charge cord (that fit both our phones and the iPad) that would reach from the wall to the bed while it was sat up.


Packing for next time

Next time I have to pack for the hospital I would get a large duffel bag (or a bag that at least zipped on top and opened wide).  A bag with wheels is handy.  I would pack two extra outfits for both HubBee and I (something comfortable to wear at the hospital and something to go home in).  I would still pack the iPad to watch movies because that helped the day pass on Friday.  I still would bring my own pillow, as the pillows were thin and HubBee ended up with both of the pillows.  I would pack more snacks than just the pack of granola bars that I brought.  The hospital was having work done in their cafeteria/kitchen so pretty much all of my food was prepackaged and bland.  There was also no vending machine nearby that I could see so HubBee had to wander elsewhere for food for himself.

I had a birth plan and do you know where it was during my delivery?  In the bag in the car.  It wasn’t anything special, just more like who I wanted in the room and what I wanted to happen if things were to go lop-sided.  Stuff I could have easily communicated to HubBee and my mother before the delivery.  I wont bother wasting the paper next time.

My toiletries bag was far too small for what little I packed.  It is now my wipes bag for diapering on the go.  I would get a bigger one that would definitely fit two tooth brushes and a hair brush in.  Everything was spilling out so I had to fish it all out of different areas of the suitcase anyways.  I also wish I had dry shampoo too as my hair was pretty gross by the time we left the hospital.

I kept all of the baby’s things in the diaper bag, which I was glad for, but I wish that I had bit the bullet and bought the diapers and wipes needed for the hospital rather than wait for a sample pack that didn’t have a delivery date for me.  I think I mentioned before about the Huggies pack that I had applied for that didn’t arrive until September and Baby K had already outgrown the size by then.  I would also make sure to have a newborn sized sleeper.  I didn’t have much for newborn sized clothes and definitely didn’t have a newborn sized sleeper.  Baby K swam in a 0-3 month sleeper that I did bring.  I packed two muslin blankets, but next time I would pack a third.  I used two of the blankets to stabilize Baby K in his car seat (something I had learned at the discharge class if the support pillows that come with the car seats didn’t work).  I would have the third then to cover Baby K.  If its winter next time though, instead of a third muslin blanket I would pack something heavier to cover him in the car seat.  Next time I would remember to have the mirror set up on the head rest to view the carseat.  Even though I sat in the back with Baby K on the way home, HubBee kept asking if he was okay and I think being able to see him in the mirror would have helped him for the drive home.

I’m sure I’ll think of other things by the next time I’m in this position.  But these were definitely the main things I wouldn’t want to forget for the next time.

Happy packing!



Baby K’s Birth Story

jan 12 header

I felt like I had been pregnant forever.  Most pregnant women probably say that though.

I was still nauseous and taking Diclectin once a day, still throwing up every few days (usually after dinner).  I was constantly hot because of my tiny furnace in my belly and because of the heat in the middle of the summer.  I was tired and finding harder and harder to do my job so I announced the last day I was going to work (July 27th), which was two weeks before my due date on August 14th.

I think some people forgot I do physical labour for my job, some of the physical part involving bending and getting down on my hands and knees to pull weeds and pluck dead blossoms from flowers, then carry said weeds and dead blossoms to my vehicle to dump elsewhere.  Did I mention that it was also the middle of the summer and hot?  It’s crazy how some people judge mothers for leaving work early before the birth of their baby.

That last Sunday in July (29th) after my last day of work was also my Baby Shower.  It was so much fun and it was so amazing seeing everyone that came out!  I was definitely exhausted by the end though.

Monday the 30th was the start of my organizing and sorting.  I still had baby K’s room to set up and gifts to put away.  I sorted through the clothes, put the smallest in the hamper to wash and packing the rest up, by size, to put away until they were needed.  I also noted that I had only gotten one outfit that was newborn sized.  That didn’t concern me though as almost everyone I know told me that they never needed newborn sizes, or if they did, they used them for such a short while that it was hardly worth having them.

Tuesday the 31st, more organizing to be done.  I went to the nearest Len’s Mill Store to get fabric to make cloth wipes to go with my cloth diapers.  I then made the first 1/3 of the wipes that evening.

Wednesday, August 1st, my grandmother who was staying it us since a few days before the shower decided that I needed some more newborn sized clothing.  We went to Babies ‘R’ Us for that.  I also looked at the stroller I want to get, and asked the clerk questions about it (like if they did price match, as the stroller was around $200 cheaper on Amazon, which they did so long as it was a Canadian Store or a “.ca” website).  I was going to wait for HubBee for the stroller, but picked up three more Newborn sized onsies.  I finished the last of the cloth wipes that evening, and washed everything for the baby.

It was this night that I realized something had changed.  My tummy was bothering me and I was up most of the night trying to figure out if I was going into labour or if I having Braxton Hicks.  I had no idea what to expect either way and the soreness wasn’t going away.

Thursday, August 2nd.  I woke up HubBee and told him I was going to go to my OB appointment early.  I hadn’t slept for any length of time all night and something was definitely going on.  HubBee had also predicted weeks ago that Baby K was going to come on August 2nd and I was starting to think this was a real possibility.

We discuss him taking the car to the job site in case I get admitted to the hospital and I told him where the pile of hospital stuff was that he would need to bring with him if that was the case.  He went off to work and I packed a bit more before leaving with my mother for Toronto to see the OB.  I could barely eat, and I was starting to pinpoint a start and an end to the soreness in my tummy, which was starting to look like what little I knew about contractions.  They were about 45 seconds long and about 4 minutes apart.

We get to my appointment and I tell the receptionist that I think I’m having contractions.  Embarrassingly enough, I’m crying at this point.  They get me in to see the OB quickly and to check and see if I’m dilating.

I’d like to point out that I don’t see my OB.  I see one of his fellows, who checks and tells me that I’m not in labour, that my body is just preparing for labour and ends the appointment with a “See you at your appointment next week.”

This does nothing to ease my discomfort, or fears, or whatever it was that I was feeling at this point.  My mom and I get back in the car and drive the hour back home.  I’m still having these contractions and they were still the same as before.  I eventually stopped keeping track of them, expecting them to just end sometime soon since the doctor told me that I wasn’t actually in labour.

I packed an organized for a little while, but I was still sore and having these contraction so I went to lay down.  I finished my mat leave application and put on a movie and tried to sleep.  I didn’t sleep at all and by the middle of the afternoon, my soreness had turned to pain and my heating pad was not comforting me anymore.

I moved to the bathtub and updated HubBee.  The hot water helped for a while, but eventually that wasn’t helping either.  HubBee got home and helped me back to bed and showered while I got ready.  He called his sister, who told him to call the hospital, which he did and they talked to the both of us and told us we needed to go to the hospital (I was moaning and groaning in pain).

HubBee packed the car and helped me in, with a bucket because we had at least an hours drive to the hospital I was delivering at in Toronto.  I think we left just before 6pm, and traffic was bad so it was nearly 7:30 before we arrived at the hospital.

I had realized that I had lost my mucus plug before arriving at the hospital.  I told the triage nurse as much (while crying, mind you).  She told me that I didn’t need to be scared.  I wasn’t scared at this point, I was in agony.  She led me to a room to check me, and told me I was only 1cm dilated.  Say what?

I declared that I wanted an epidural.  Which was something I wasn’t planning on getting at any point.  I think had they told me that I was almost there (or whatever the latest is that you can get one) then I would’ve skipped and stuck it out for the remainder.  All I had were the stories of long labours, waiting for the centimetres to grow until you were fully dilated.  I thought I was in for a long night and I just wanted relief.

The triage nurse left to get a doctor to check me so that I could be admitted.  It was well after 8pm at this point and he finally came and checked me.  I was 3-4cm dilated now and I was being moved to labour and delivery.  The anesthesiologist was there waiting for me and we were well on our way to relief.  It was after 9pm when all of that was said and done and now we were waiting.

During this time the nurses were noticing that after every contraction I had, Baby K’s heart rate would drop.  They kept moving me from side to side and it would help temporarily but then the next contraction would happen and his heart rate would drop again.

An OB came and checked me at one point and said I was already 8-9cm dilated.  Literally, 8cm on one side and 9cm on the other.  I’m not sure how that happens, but that’s what she said.  She said she was going to go and talked to the head OB, who was doing a c-section right then and she would be back.  This was before midnight, and HubBee was still holding onto the hope that he would be right and Baby K would come that day.

When she came back, she checked again and I was now 9cm on one side and fully dilated on the other.  She had been instructed to massage the side to get it dilated as well.  It was almost time to push and HubBee was finally told that Baby K would not be here until after midnight.

Friday, August 3rd.  We were joined by the head OB and it was finally time to push.  It was actually a feeling of something I needed to do.  I knew I needed to start pushing and I asked the doctor and he told me to push next time I had a contraction.  So I did.

After a few pushes the doctor said that I wasn’t to strain my heart, so they weren’t going to make me kept pushing if the delivery didn’t seem to be moving.  Basically, I would go for a c-section.  I had an “oh hell no” moment then, and I pushed.  It was only a couple of pushes later and Baby K was being held up in front of me.  He was wiped off and put on my chest to hold.  It was so amazing finally having him in my arms.

I know they delivered my placenta and I know they gave me a couple of stitches but all I could do was stare at this tiny baby that weighed nothing that was on my chest.

The labour and delivery unit must have been busy because it was after 4am before we were moved to our room in recovery.  We opted out of the private room and got the last bed in a four bed ward.  It wasn’t a big deal as Baby K slept through all of the other babies crying and the other families were discharged or moved to other floors by the middle of the day on the third.  We were not joined by anyone else until the morning of the 4th, but we were preparing to be discharged at that point.

I will do another post on what I packed for the hospital.  I don’t think hospitals give you much for freebies anymore as all I received was a little doggie bag with my peri bottle and 5 diapers and a few wipes that dried up because they weren’t in anything to keep them moist.  There was also a couple of massive pads that when with the mesh panties and a little box of sample sized Johnson & Johnson products.

Stay tuned!



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When I Met Aries

jan 9 header

You know that moment when you just know something was meant to be?

Think about it for a second.  How many times were you absolutely sure that something was meant to be?

To name a couple, I knew I was going to be with HubBee when I first met him, and I knew when I met my BF in college that we would always be the dynamic duo.

I also had this feeling before I met Aries that cold February evening four years and eleven months ago.

It started with a Facebook Ad, selling some puppies.  There were nine of them and they were listed as Husky Mixes and featured a couple of pictures of a few of them playing in the snow.  I wasn’t planning on getting a dog at that time.  We were going to wait until we were in a better place.  I was almost five months into a six month probation, we were living in a cottage thirty minutes from the town I worked in (an hour from the town HubBee worked in) and away from the cottage from 7am to 6pm Monday to Friday.

I kept going back to that post, watching as it was updated showing fewer and fewer puppies remaining until there was only one puppy left.

My poor self-control lasted a week before I said to my husband (then – boyfriend) that I wanted to go see this puppy and showed him the ad.  He agreed and we made arrangements then one day after work, we made our way out to the country house where we would first meet Aries.  It was dark, and snow made it hard to find the roads.  We had to backtrack a few times because we would come to dead ends (due to roads not  being maintained during the winter).  We eventually got there and upon being greeted at the door, this tiny puppy was plunked into my arms.  Brown eyes with unique eyelashes looked at me before laying his head down on my arm and going to sleep.

It was then that I knew that this puppy was meant for me.  This tiny puppy with the crazy eyelashes had to come home with us.  We needed to make the changes in our lives to include this tiny ball of fur.

HubBee, anticipating this, had brought the funds needed for the puppy and we paid the couple before leaving.  Now we had a puppy that we were completely unprepared to have at home.

Next stop to was to the closest Walmart, which would be the only place still open that time of night so that we could get the supplies we needed.  We also called my grandmother to ask/tell her that we were temporarily moving back in until we found a place in town.

The entire drive we bounced names back and forth.  It wasn’t until we were almost at my grandmothers place before we picked our tiny puppy’s name – Aries.


The night was long, because once we picked up everything, we had to go out to the cottage still to get clothing for the next day and anything else we needed before settling down for the night.  Which we did, on the floor because my grandmother had company that night.  Aries slept all night that night, which was great, except he proceeded to cry most of the night the next night, and then nights that came after had him waking me up three times a night to go outside and pee.

Welcome puppy parenthood!  It’s been five great years since that day and I look forward to many more!

Talk to you soon!



That One Piece of Advice for New Moms

jan 4 header

Looking back to when I brought Baby K home, I wish I had gone to see a Lactation Consultant sooner.

I gave birth the Civic Long Weekend in August at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto.  They usually have a breastfeeding class for the new moms there, but I figured with the long weekend the person who ran it was away and I missed out in the end.  I did ask my nurse if there was a consultant there, however she kind of discouraged me from doing so.  I can’t remember exactly what she said, but I think it was something along the lines of “failing this soon” and showed me how to hand express (it had all started because Baby K didn’t seem interested in nursing at all that day despite latching like a champ not long after he was born).

Breastfeeding, in the beginning was painful.  I was so sore and feeding Baby K was starting to become something that made me cringe the moment he started looking for food.  I wanted to be successful at breastfeeding, so I knew I had to do something.  I looked up information for a local breastfeeding clinic, packed up Baby K and went.  I completely missed the fact it was a call ahead of time and book an appointment.  I was lucky that I could get in that day though, and just went back later.

I left that appointment with information I wish I had before leaving the hospital.  I was not latching Baby K properly and he seemed to have a bit of a tongue-tie, which was what was making breastfeeding so painful.  By the end of the night, I was still so sore that I couldn’t bring myself to nurse because I just needed a break so that I could heal.  I cried with my son while HubBee tried to console him so that I could pump a bottle.  I then watched in silence as HubBee fed Baby K his first bottle.  That extra time was enough, and I was able to start fresh for the next feed.

The lactation consultant also told me to try Dr. Newman’s All Purpose Nipple Ointment.  This stuff is amazing.  I still have it and use it from time to time when my nipples are sore.  You do need a prescription from your doctor though.  I didn’t even make an appointment to see her though.  I just called in the request and I received a call the next day saying I could come in to pick up the prescription.  (Make sure your doctor’s office knows what pharmacy that you use.  They would probably send it right to the pharmacy for you!)

By the time my follow-up appointment came around a week later (we were now into September).  Breastfeeding was not causing me agony and I was finally enjoying that extra bonding time with my son (there never feels like enough bonding time most days, even though I’m the one that spends the majority of my time with him).

There are so many people in your corner and so many resources that you can tap into.  Here is a link to the Niagara Region Breastfeeding Page.  They have many classes in many areas of the Niagara Region.  That site also has many other resources to look at for assistance.  For those of you not in the Niagara Region, take a look at your local regional site or your local health unit to see what is available to you!

Hope to hear from you!



**UPDATE January 16, 2019**  Baby K is 5.5 months old and I have gone back to see the lactation consultant since he decided that he needed to start biting me.  Even without teeth that really hurts!

I have been told that if he does it at the beginning, then my milk is coming out too fast and he is trying to slow it down.  To help with this, hand express some of your milk to help slow the flow down.  If he does this at the end, it’s because your supply is low, and he is still hungry and trying to draw more out.  This you need to watch if he’s starting to squirm, then maybe its time to switch sides.

Most importantly, it’s just a phase and it will stop.

I have also been provided with a great resource dealing with feeding your baby for the first time!  Check it out here.


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Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2019 my friends!

A new year is often the time when many people decide to do something new and make a resolution to accomplish during the year.

Blogging has been something I have wanted to do for years.  I had tried a few years ago, but I think my self-esteem was becoming too banged up to commit the time to write about the topic that I had orginally wanted to write about.

Fast-forward a few years and many things have changed, my original topic of choice is no longer something I’m completely interested in, and my priorities have to shifted to focus on my family.  My self-esteem is also no longer going three rounds in a ring.  My family has jumped ship and moved back in with my parents (while renting out our house).  HubBee and I have also added a baby to our family of three (us and our dog), who is now 5 months old.

Parenthood has been such a journey and just when we feel like our routine has rounded out, Baby K changes and we have to try to figure our new routine once again.  During all this, Aries is still there, reminding me of the simpler things, like relaxing, going for walks, good ol’ ear scratches and belly rubs (for the dog of course, and maybe for HubBee as well).

My goal is to be more open this year and I hope with this blog that I can accomplish this.  I’m not a great speaker, but with anything that requires to be typed, proofread, edited, and then edited again I hope that I don’t mess this up too bad.

To all those that have made new years resolutions, I bid you good luck and I hope you accomplish all that you set out to do.  Never give up on your dreams.

Hope you had a safe and Happy New Year!


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The SPark in My Life

Welcome to my Blog!

I have been wanting to start a blog for years and I have decided in the light of the new year that I should stop putting this off and just start the blog and see what happens.

I have lots of ideas to share and discuss relating to mommyhood, lifestyle and product reviews.  I can’t wait to see if this gets off the ground and I’m grateful that you will be joining me on this journey!



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