When I Met Aries

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You know that moment when you just know something was meant to be?

Think about it for a second.  How many times were you absolutely sure that something was meant to be?

To name a couple, I knew I was going to be with HubBee when I first met him, and I knew when I met my BF in college that we would always be the dynamic duo.

I also had this feeling before I met Aries that cold February evening four years and eleven months ago.

It started with a Facebook Ad, selling some puppies.  There were nine of them and they were listed as Husky Mixes and featured a couple of pictures of a few of them playing in the snow.  I wasn’t planning on getting a dog at that time.  We were going to wait until we were in a better place.  I was almost five months into a six month probation, we were living in a cottage thirty minutes from the town I worked in (an hour from the town HubBee worked in) and away from the cottage from 7am to 6pm Monday to Friday.

I kept going back to that post, watching as it was updated showing fewer and fewer puppies remaining until there was only one puppy left.

My poor self-control lasted a week before I said to my husband (then – boyfriend) that I wanted to go see this puppy and showed him the ad.  He agreed and we made arrangements then one day after work, we made our way out to the country house where we would first meet Aries.  It was dark, and snow made it hard to find the roads.  We had to backtrack a few times because we would come to dead ends (due to roads not  being maintained during the winter).  We eventually got there and upon being greeted at the door, this tiny puppy was plunked into my arms.  Brown eyes with unique eyelashes looked at me before laying his head down on my arm and going to sleep.

It was then that I knew that this puppy was meant for me.  This tiny puppy with the crazy eyelashes had to come home with us.  We needed to make the changes in our lives to include this tiny ball of fur.

HubBee, anticipating this, had brought the funds needed for the puppy and we paid the couple before leaving.  Now we had a puppy that we were completely unprepared to have at home.

Next stop to was to the closest Walmart, which would be the only place still open that time of night so that we could get the supplies we needed.  We also called my grandmother to ask/tell her that we were temporarily moving back in until we found a place in town.

The entire drive we bounced names back and forth.  It wasn’t until we were almost at my grandmothers place before we picked our tiny puppy’s name – Aries.


The night was long, because once we picked up everything, we had to go out to the cottage still to get clothing for the next day and anything else we needed before settling down for the night.  Which we did, on the floor because my grandmother had company that night.  Aries slept all night that night, which was great, except he proceeded to cry most of the night the next night, and then nights that came after had him waking me up three times a night to go outside and pee.

Welcome puppy parenthood!  It’s been five great years since that day and I look forward to many more!

Talk to you soon!



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