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I’ve decided that since my last post featured my top five times – prenatal that I should also tell you my top ten items during Baby K’s 0-3 months.  Baby K is constantly changing and growing that sometimes items or strategies that worked at one point didn’t work again later.

1. The bouncer

I didn’t even think about where I was going to put Baby K when I was planing my baby registry. so good thing I was given a bouncer at my shower.  This became the item I used the most.  Even when we were going out to visit family, we took the bouncer with us because it was so light and portable and Baby K would sleep in it for hours.  We moved it all through the house to keep Baby K near if we got busy trying to complete other tasks.  It was also great for after feeding and burping him because it would keep him sitting up for a while if we needed our hands free.

2. Breast pump

When my milk came in right after I got home from the hospital I was in agony.  I pumped often during the first couple months after Baby K was born.  I could feed him, and then pump enough to fill two milk freezer bags afterwards.  Eventually, my milk regulated and I didn’t need to pump as much, but it’s still great to have if I need to leave Baby K to go somewhere.  I usually pump a bottle before I go out without Baby K.  HubBee and I attended a wedding early in October and while I pumped before I left, I needed to take my pump with me as we were gone for hours.  My pump could be adjusted to be a single pump and I could also put batteries in it to take it on the go.  When it was a regular feeding time, I went out to the car, pumped, and dumped the milk (which was really sad but I couldn’t do anything with it at the time).

3. Stroller with a bassinet

As we opted into getting an all-in-one carseat, I wanted a stroller that I could get a bassinet to use with it.  The bassinet was great and Baby K often slept in it while he was little.  It had a large canopy that kept him shaded and a bar that I used to drape a blanket over to shield from the sun coming from behind while also leaving a large opening for airflow.  We also used it for Baby K sleeping in the living room when we stored the stroller in the house.

4. Sleep sack swaddle

These were great for bedtime.  We had three and we used them all the time until Baby K fit into his sleepers.   We used them until they didn’t fit anymore.  Baby K ended up hating having his arms pinned, but we just wrapped it under his armpits and it was perfect.  The ones we used are a jersey knit material so they weren’t too warm for the summer and fall months that we used them.

5. Baby carrier

I am glad I picked one of these up as it was handy for wearing Baby K around the house for the odd nap or for taking Aries out for a walk.  Baby K didn’t like the process of being put into it, but once he was in and I was moving around, he would drop off to sleep.  It’s sometimes difficult to put it on by myself though.

6. Muslin blankets

I love these blankets.  They are so versatile and were handy for many situations.  I used them to help block the harsh sun from Baby K’s skin, to swaddle a little, as a blanket in the carseat or in the bouncer, to sit on outside when the weather was great.  I always keep one in the diaper bag because they are great for covering up to breastfeed as well if I want a little extra privacy.  I just knot two ends together and I can drape it around my neck to hang over me.  They also get softer everytime you wash them!

7. OBall

I was planning on keeping brands names out of this but I do feel the need to mention this toy, or anything similar.  Once Baby K started to grasp objects, this was the easiest for him to hold onto.  The ball part has small pieces that are connected to one another that Baby K could hold them with his tiny fingers.

8. Flannel wipes

I handmade a bunch of wipes to use with my cloth diapers.  Some of the flannel I took to make long “burp-cloths” for Baby K’s spit up.  We usually keep one everywhere Baby K generally hangs out and they are very absorbent enough that they wipe spit up well and we can toss in laundry once we are done with them.

9. Books

It really doesn’t matter what books you read when babies are newborns.  Whatever chapter book I was reading at night I started to read out loud for Baby K to fall asleep listening to.  They don’t understand what you are saying yet and newborns can’t see very well so pictures aren’t always necessary.  I saved picture books for when Baby K started staying awake for longer periods and could see a bit better.

10. Changing Pad

The changing station is great.  Baby K loves being on the pad and I always try to keep it fun for him.  Sometimes when he’s upset, I can put him down on the pad and he will instantly be happy, knowing that fun is coming.  I have the station set up in a way the makes it easy for us to change him and it was positioned well so if we had a “poo-cannon” then there wasn’t much that he could get dirty other than the wall and diaper can, both which can be easily wiped off.

There you have it, my top ten items for months 0-3 with Baby K.  I could go on to include the more obvious items, such as diapers and wipes and clothing.  We started cloth diapering full-time when Baby K was about a month and a half.  He was so small when he was born that he wore newborn sized diapers for nearly a month and then we started cloth diapers at home during the day after that.  Once we were comfortable with that we started cloth diapering on outings as well.  Halfway through September we figured out what we needed for overnight diapering and we started doing that as well.  I’ll talk about cloth diapers more another time.

Till next time!



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