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Top Five List – Prenatal

jan 19

Good morning everyone!

I was looking at my list trying to decide what to share next when I centered in on my top ten list for 0-3 months.  I’ve decided that first I will share my top five list for prenatal.  I didn’t go out of my way to purchase a lot for this time as I didn’t get incredibly big.  I found by the end my stomach felt tight and I could feel that Baby K was really squished, which I think was a huge factor in going into labour 11 days before my due date.  I like to think that Baby K decided that enough was enough and that he was tired of not having any room.  My boy liked to move.

It’s hard to explain how I really felt about my weight gain as it wasn’t till late in my pregnancy that it became really obvious that I was pregnant.  I remember a coworker asking to see my belly when I returned to work in the spring (as I work seasonally) and I was already 5 months along by then and i proudly showed off my bump and her immediate reaction was that I didn’t look that pregnant, or something along those lines.  It made me feel sad when I heard her response because I had this tiny voice telling me during my pregnancy that I wasn’t gaining enough weight so Baby K must not be gaining enough.  I was feeling very nauseous at the beginning of my pregnancy that I actually lost weight, not a huge amount, something like 5-7 lbs.  I think when I finished my pregnancy I had gained 12 lbs from my starting weight.

Prenatal pillows were also a common item I used daily but the majority of pregnant women take some form of prenatal supplement, which is why I did not include them as part of my list.

Getting on with my list:

1. My Favourite Jeans

As I mentioned above, I didn’t have a huge weight gain so my jeans, which were a size too big to start with actually still fit me and they weren’t uncomfortable so I still wore them regularly.  My jeans are like a security blanket and they always helped me feel better about myself.  While I feeling out of my depth with my first baby belly, and my centre of balance has changed, it was nice to be able to wear my jeans.

2. Long Tank Tops

These were great once my regular shirts became too short to go right down to my pants.  I would wear them by themselves on hot days or under another t-shirt to fill in the gap between the bottom of my shirt and the top of my pants.  They were stretchy so they grew with my belly and they are grew now for breastfeeding because I can pull the top down to feed my baby.  If I’m going out in public and anticipating feeding my baby, I wear another shirt over top so I’m keeping myself covered.

3. Diclectin

This is an anti-nausea pill.  I mentioned above that I lost weight at the beginning of my pregnancy and that was because of nausea coupled with food aversion.  I banned some foods from being prepared/consumed in the house during my pregnancy because the mere smell of them would send me flying to the bathroom to throw up.  I was scared to take it in the beginning because of something that the pharmacist said when I picked it up but once I talked to other health professionals I felt comfortable again and started taking it.  I would take it before I went to bed at night, then again in the morning which I found was enough in the beginning.  I found I could eat again and finally started to gain weight.  By the end of my pregnancy, I would just take it before I went to bed at night and that was enough because my nausea occurred in the morning when I first got up 99% of the time.  I had this my whole pregnancy.  Most pregnant women have this stop between 12-16 weeks though.  I was bummed that I wasn’t one of these women.

4. Extra Pillow

I felt discomfort in my hips as my pregnancy progressed.  I believe it’s due to the hips widening to be able to accommodate birth.  Using an extra pillow to put between my legs while I slept on my side helped alleviate the discomfort.  I would wake up often to readjust, which is probably why there is a pregnancy pillow on the market.  I didn’t feel the need to get a specific pillow for this as we always have lots of pillows lying around the house.  I was flipping around so often during the night that having a regular sized pillow was easier to hold in place as I moved around.

5. Datebook

Why would I need a separate datebook from the calendar on my phone?  Because I can see more information at once.  I had so many appointments with my OB by the end of my pregnancy on top of work and other obligations its was helpful to be able to just open my datebook and be able to see all of the information at once.  The calendar on my phone was nice for the reminders as the days drew closer.

There you have it.  My top five list for my pregnancy.

What was your favourite item during your pregnancy?  Let me know in the comments!

Till next time!



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